In The Rearview Mirror

In The Rearview Mirror

Welcome to a new blog

MusicPosted by Daniela Tue, January 01, 2013 01:42:55
Writing this when 2013 is pretty much still a newborn - in Sweden at least - so Happy New 2013 to you all!

I learned that my blog on Posterous ( will probably disappear as Posterous has been aquired by Twitter. So, I had to move it, and this seemed to be the best solution. A domain with the same name as before - but without the "Posterous". :)

I hope people will find their way to this new blog - favorite it or follow it or whatever it is you do. :) Or make it simple - follow me on Twitter and Facebook for all updates




I'll try to figure out where to store all the blogs which I have made a backup of and simply how to make this transition work, but I'm not going anywhere, I've just moved to a new and hopefully more stable and better host that won't disappear.

I think Posterous rocked - it was super easy to use, very user friendly. I will miss it a lot. I just wish that someone could steal their interface and call it something else but we'll see what happens.

Stick around and spread the word!!

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